The Mars Mission Summer School is designed for teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It will introduce to teachers how to integrate space related themes in their teaching using interdisciplinary learning and inquiry-based science teaching techniques.

The overall goal of the course is twofold:

  1. to upgrade teachers' current practices by introducing to them intedisciplinary learning and  inquiry-based science teaching
  2. to foster collaboration between teachers of the same school unit
  3. the use of contemporary  ICT based tools
  4. to enable teachers to integrate space-related themes in their teaching and inspire their students in following space-oriented careers

Learn how to integrate modern science in your teaching and curriculum!

Space science and technology are powerful mediums for demonstrating the excitement of a scientific or technical career, particularly  when coupled with suitable role models. The Mars mission summer school will focus on giving teachers the opportunity to use in their class, learning methods that have demonstrably engaged young children in science in the long term and inspire them towards space related career paths. More specifically the objectives of the summer school are:

  • Introduce STEM teachers  to inquiry teaching and learning approaches that meet the needs of different types of students and give them the opportunity to use such techniques.
  • Foster interdisciplinary learning that allow the construction of knowledge on science as a whole.
  • Facilitate teachers in introducing to their students space related careers and facilitate them developing the key skills involved through playful and engaging activities tailored to the school curricula.
  • Acquaint participants with activities on contemporary space related subjects and showcase how they can be used in the science classroom.
  • Provide participants with training on teaching strategies that will allow them to manage diverse classrooms and promote gender balance.
  • Present to teachers ICT tools apt for use in the science classroom.

Participating teachers will also be invited to be part of an active and growing community of practice to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.